To the west, the Black Horde strikes out at whatever targets they can find. The terroristic organization hides in the depths of the jungle, always ready to cause issues wherever they can manage.

To the east, Aida’s rebels in their Silver Hold grow their numbers, aided by the ancient magic of the druids of the Old Boughs, they strike out against the Royal Guard and the city of Arkada, and aim to control the ravine and its great crystalline bounty.

In the Northern deserts, the city of Sarkada continues to grow. The Sarkadian Guard continue to defend the great nation, particularly concerned with the interlopers and terrorists of the west and rebels from the east. All the while the Sarkadian Academy of Wonders continues to create wondrous technologies, even the most downtrodden, organized into the ‘royal’ Court of Flies seek to operate from the shadows and manipulate themselves a greater share of power.

In the center of it all,the Coalition of the Compass continues to control the coast, operating its markets and lucrative trade industry. While they bring goods and services from far away, exotic as can be, there are whispers that they only seek to profit from this war and take over the mess that remains at its end.

Welcome to Permia, a powder-keg ready to explode.