Laws were passed to manage these growing afflicted. The dreaded ones, the fierce monsters would be banished from its walls, cast out in fear. Those less dramatically affected would, if found out, simply be restricted from living within or owning property in the glorious city. The blessed, of course, were not subject to these restrictions. Many of those who were less afflicted in their minds and simply desired to live and exist in peace fled to the mountains, protected and supported by the rebel’s hold.

Others, often those not content with a peaceful existence, fled to the jungle, led by a woman from another land with nearly the same affliction as the rest of them. These sort became violent, hateful of what was done to them. Their new leader led strikes against the caravans of the city, attacks against the wall itself, forming an ecoterrorist organization known as the Black Horde that has violence only matched by passion.

Decades of peace finally ended as Princess Aida, a recently exiled royal found herself as the royal of the Silver Hold. With her new knowledge of the suffering of below and despair at the way her former people treated the afflicted, the Silver hold finally decided to take action. The oppression of the people was too great, the abuse of the crystals too pressing and war was the only option.

She sought help from the druids of the mountains, known as the Old Boughs; they were an ancient order that predated her peoples’ arrival. Distraught at what the land had become, they understood her plight and pleas and pledged to aid Aida, joining together with her Silver Hold despite their peaceful ways.

Yet, at the same time, interlopers came.

In the south, the simple port expanded, led by an influx of capital and merchants of the Coalition of the Compass, a mercantile adventurist company, bringing in exotic goods and exporting the strange and mysterious crystals to far-off buyers. Culture flows through this trade route and together with the commune, a service industry has started in the fledgling region, profiting off this new war. Central to this new industry is the bathhouseIt is supplied with food, water--from the commune's aqueduct--exotic spices, perfumes, incense, and textiles from the Coalition's mighty ships. Over time, it grew from a simple house to bathe oneself, to a house of more sultry and promiscuous activity.

Naturally, that close to the city, the Royal Sarkadian Guard patrol and enforce their rules. With the commune working with the monsters in the forest, the guards have all the more reason to raid and nip terroristic activity in the bud.

With all these contenders and players, Permia found itself steeped in conflict.