[1] General Rules

  1. This is an adult sim. You have to be 18 years or older to be within our community. Avatars must appear 18+ years or older.
  2. Treat others with respect and treat them based on the way you would like to be treated in return. Do not be a toxic player, try to keep roleplay productive, fair, and open for others involved. Do not be inflammatory, troll, or grief players. This includes stabs based on race, gender, sex, or orientation. None of this will be tolerated on sim or in the discord.
  3. We do not tolerate any illegal/malicious activity within our community. This includes, but not limited to; DDoSing another player, Doxxing, hacking another player’s account, scamming someone of real monetary value, spreading malware/viruses, and spreading someone’s personal information.

[2] Consent Rules

  1. Consent is Key! Please ask the other player for out-of-character consent. Especially when it involves any questionable actions towards them such as; a character’s death, maiming, sex, capture, etc. If they wish to not participate in such scenarios, please show the necessary respect. Keep in mind, in-character actions should have in-character consequences. Consent may overrule any rule, excluding Second Life / Linden Labs ToS, [1] General Rules, and [5] Discord Rules.
  2. Combat is also consent based. One may freeform roleplay combat if both parties agree to it. If even one disagrees, the HUD is the fallback.

[3] Sim Rules

  1. No Metagaming – You may not use information that was gathered Out-of-Character and use it In-Character. This is considered to be metagaming.
  2. No Godmodding – You may not control another player’s actions or control another’s player’s reaction to your posts. An example of this would be making a post such as:
    Pisque cuts off Mira’s arm and proceeds to beat her with it!
    Instead, provide the option to the player:
    Pisque TRIES to cut off Mira’s arm and WOULD ATTEMPT to beat her with it!
  3. No Powergaming – You may not create a god, godlike character, or an all-powerful being that has little to no weaknesses.
  4. You may not be considered in-character if you have not posted into a scene. If you are going to be eavesdropping on someone, please make a post so that other players may know that you are entering the scene.
  5. Please have your avatar be within the server’s medieval fantasy theme. 16th / 17th Century firearms are allowed within Permia. You may not have anything that’s from the modern / future era. Otherwise, the only limitations are that your avatar is not against linden rules.
  6. OOC is meant to stay in OOC. IC is meant to stay in IC. Please keep the two separate.
  7. Multiboxing - You are allowed to log onto two separate Second Life accounts to roleplay. You are allowed to use those two separate Second Life accounts and characters to balance combat. You are NOT allowed to use your second Second Life account to give you an advantage in combat or RP scenarios (sharing currency, materials, weapons, etc.). If you want to do a character transfer, that can be arranged through an admin.
  8. Use of thieving actions counts as an action. To use pickpocketing or an item steal, you're required to post into the scene for at least two posts before attempting.
  9. No trading may take place between alts.
  10. Large avatars should be kept to large, open spaces like the desert. In interior spaces, events, and the like, smaller avatars should be used when ever possible. If your avatar is large enough to be disruptive in a scene and someone asks you to change, please comply with the request. If you find it unreasonable, contact an admin.
  11. If someone is stealthed, your character will not able to determine who the stealth character is until either the stealthed character informs your character who they are, the stealthed character fails a sneak check, or if you pass a perception check. Keep in mind, if you haven’t met the stealthed character’s prior IC, then you may not know who that character is. Refer to Rule 3-1 that’s in regards to Metagaming.
  12. You are allowed to rez objects within the sim if you do not have a rental. The max land impact that may be rezzed is 20 Land Impact.

[4] Combat Rules

  1. All combat is consent based. If a character is instigating combat and says they don't consent to it, then they are avoiding consequences and an admin should be reached out to. Combat can also be freeformed as long as both parties agree to it. If a single party does not consent to freeform, then the HUD should be used as the default.
  2. Combat begins when two or more parties roll initiative. Combat is taken in turns, with the highest roll starting combat, and the lower roll going next. In team combats, the initiative process will be done in a round robin format. For example: Team 1's rolls: 103, 96, 82. Team 2's rolls: 66, 42, 30. The order would be Team 1's Highest (103) > Team 2's Highest (66) > Team 1's Second Highest (96) > Team 2's Second Highest (42) and so on. When the lowest roll has completed their turn, it loops back around to the first player once more. Please try to keep combat ratios equal 1v1, 2v2, etc unless consent is given. But once initiative is rolled, bystanders may no longer join in unless all participating parties agree.
  3. Before combat starts, in the initiative phase, any player may roll to escape. This does NOT count as your escape/other check during combat. Furthermore, buffing or disguising/revealing when it's clear that combat is about to start is also against the rules.
  4. During faction defense or when one player is acting aggressively, combat fairness (keeping fights in equal numbers on each side) may be waived. The player that is starting the fight loses their right to combat fairness and the defender can bring in their immediate friends as help. However, finding equivalent combat for each side, especially in faction conflict that can drive a story, should be priority. If there can be a 3v3 fight instead of 3 different 1v3s, you should go for that.
  5. Faction defense further expands on this as any player starting trouble in faction territory forfeits combat fairness against the members of said faction. An example: breaking the law in Sarkada means the Houses of Sarkada can fight you in an unfair way.
  6. The winner of the fight earns the right to a reward. This can range from capturing the player to put them in jail, monetary compensation, and anything else the victor can think of. This does, however, rely on consent from both sides. Extreme consequences like rape, dismemberment, death, and other such things must be consented to as well.
  7. If no consequence can be agreed upon by the victor and the loser of the fight, contact an admin to resolve the situation.
  8. Checks such as Overwhelm and Outlast can only be used once per fight. Escape can be used three times.
  9. In capture RP, you may leave once your captor is done with the roleplay. The captor can also not hold you for over an hour unless you consent to it.
  10. In case of ties, where both players reach 0 health points in the same turn, the winner is determined in the following order: if in faction territory, the defending faction wins. Otherwise, the player that attacked last wins the fight.

[5] Discord Rules

  1. Treat each other with respect to both staff and members in Permia.
  2. Keep 18+ media such as videos, images, etc. inside its corresponding channels. Ex: Posting 18+ images in #nsfw-media-and-links.
  3. You may NOT post any illegal/extreme content in any channel. This includes, but is not limited to: underage, cub, scat, hard vore, etc.
  4. Do not spam the text channels.
  5. Any form of discrimination posted that goes against someone’s race, gender, sex, or orientation will NOT be tolerated. Ex: Posting a racial meme or commenting about someone’s race.
  6. Please avoid talking about real world politics or religion as much as possible. Comparisons for your character are perfectly fine and acceptable, just please try and not go too far. If you have any questions about what is okay, feel free to ping the team!
  7. Please spoiler any sensitive topics - bugs, zits, snakes, spiders, that kind of thing!
  8. In NSFW channels, any heavy or niche kinks should be spoilered. If you aren't sure if it should be spoilered, ask an admin! Additionally, any art should be posted with a source.

[6] Rental Rules

  1. Stay within the theme.
  2. No light/sound spam.
  3. Each rental is allowed 50 Land Impact.
  4. Please keep your script usage to a minimum, remove any unneeded scripts from objects.
  5. You may decorate the area around your rental within reason so long as it does not obstruct other rentals. Small stalls or gardens are a good example of acceptable decorations.
  6. If you’re in a private place and doing a private RP, it is encouraged that you do so in your IM’s.
  7. If you’re doing ERP, it’s polite to your neighbors to do this in your IM’s. We are all about being sex positive but living spaces should be enjoyable of all tenants.