The druids of the Old Boughs have been around longer than anyone can really count. Their oral histories place them around six hundred years old.

They weren’t originally a mountainous tribe. When they first came to what is now known as Permia, they too lived in the valley. Once upon a time, it was a lush paradise, with trees and water galore. Many different types of animals called the valley home, as it was nearly predator free at the time and most herbivorous. The Old Boughs lived in the valley during this time, quietly and peacefully minding their own business.

Many of their current rituals stem from this time, and the crystals were seen as a fairly positive thing at the time. They were involved in what the Boughs did, using them to spread the greenery further and further from the valley. The desert around the valley started to change from this work, slowly but steadily and the Old Boughs thrived with it.

But something happened, something that the Boughs haven’t figured out to this day. The crystals turned into defoliators, poison instead of the wondrous creations they’d been before. The druids retreated along with the forest, the land dying around them as they went further and further up the mountain, finally settling into where they live today.

There are rumors still. Rumors that the Boughs were the one who caused the disaster of the canyon. Other rumors say that they’re in possession of the last, pure, uncorrupted crystal that exists, the only one that doesn’t afflict people.

But rumors are just rumors, aren’t they?