Stars and Planets

Permia has two moons - the larger one is named Mah meaning ‘the fortunate lady’, and is quite similar to an Earth-like moon. It appears dominantly in the sky, taking up a bit more of the sky than an Earth full moon. The second moon is close to the same size but further away so it seems smaller. It’s also covered in dust from an impact millenia ago, giving it a strange, purple hue. It’s referred to as Lah meaning ‘the malicious man’ and is considered a cursed moon because of its color.

In addition to Permia, there’s four other planets in the system, though only two can be seen. The first is roughly Permia sized and appears as a small orange dot in the sky. The other is much larger but further away, and can be seen on particularly clear days as a blue and green, marble sized spot in the stars.


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