Sarkada doesn’t have an official religion per say. There are several different cults and sects throughout the city and the Hold, the largest of which being the Cult of Mah.

It focuses on the worship of the moons, with the main centered belief being that Mah granted Permia life and watches over everyone. The followers pray to Mah, generally asking for her fortitude and her grace in trying times. There are sacrifices as well, though not of the human variety but animal instead, or even flora. One of the most popular ceremonies is taking peacock feathers and hyacinth petals and burning them as an offering to the Goddess. There are also different rituals that are used to bless individuals - usually noble children - by taking some of Mah’s power.

It’s undeniable that there is a goddess there. One, with particularly strong magic, can talk to her. She does, however, see the people of Permia as nothing more than a bother, with the constant demands for attention and power more annoying than anything else. Those who do talk to her talk about an irritated, busy woman that doesn’t want anything to do with the people of Permia. And yet, people worship her nonetheless. Strange.

The other religions are lesser and spread out, with none of them being particularly popular at the moment. Mah and the others are present in both the Silver Hold and Sarkada, as a religion of the Shasu.