Magic is generally in the world around you. It can come from two sources - those with magic born within them can bring it from within themselves, or ungifted can learn other ways, drawing from other power sources such as the crystals, ambient life around them, focuses like necromantic fetishes and so on.

Magic, once gathered from a power, then has to be focused and used, channeled. There are two main types of casters - runic ones and instinct ones. Runic casters channel their work through runes, pushing magic through them either by writing it down or creating them out of magic in the air. Generally, this type of magic has more control than any other, letting the users get exactly what they want out of magic.

Instinct casters, however, use their instincts and feelings to channel their power. This can sometimes lead to great things, huge works of magic, stuff that can accomplish things no other can. But it can be unpredictable as well, it can make mistakes, backfire on the user.

It is generally the belief of the Academy that one should study their runes as much as possible and use that, as being an instinct caster is a risk to becoming afflicted - or so they believe.