The Houses of Sarkada

There are four major Houses and an innumerable number of minor ones. Players can join the major factions but will need to follow a rubric for how their character is set up. Alternatively, they can make a minor House at any time and it’s fairly free form so long as they’re Persian themed and fit the sim’s theme.

The Major Houses


The Amani House primarily involves themselves within magic study, both for inventions and progress as well as for war, and the Court system. They are decently involved within the army as well, their magical prowess making them strong warriors. The previous Amani patriarch, recently deceased, was the leader of the Highest Court in the land, the position remaining open to this day. Their colors are purple and blue, much like the crest of Sarkada itself, and their numbers are seemingly split dead even on those focusing on justice and the courts, and those focusing on different branches of magic.


The Parthia House is the current ruling House in Sarkada. Their line has ruled since the beginning, with the first King Gilgamesh founding Sarkada along with the other Houses. Nowadays, King Xerses Parthia is the current sitter on the throne, widowed decades ago. He is aging, over eighty years old, which means that the throne has a current succession crisis. Aida is the next Parthian in line, but as she’s a rebel there is no clear line. This has left Amani as the second most prominent House snipping at their heels. In addition to ruling, the Parthian line has strong military traditions as commanders, and their colors are a classic black and gold pairing.


The dominant merchant House, Zare deals in all different sectors. There isn’t a good in Sarkada that hasn’t been touched by a Zare merchant at least once. There are other Houses competing for the spot, but none have even come close to challenging the dominance of the merchants of Zare. Additionally, Zare raises horses and has the best stock you can get around the desert. Their colors are red and yellow, and you’ll see them in the market consistently dealing their wares.


Mirzaei and Zare work really closely together, with Mirzaei crafting the goods that Zare sells. Each of their people from near birth choose a craft to specialize in and devote to it for their entire life. As such, they craft extraordinary wares, outstanding works of art, the best clothes you can find. They work closely with the other Houses, using Amani’s magical expertise for some things and Zare to make sure their wares are moved for a fair price. Silver and blue are their colors, which has had them be mistaken for the Silver Hold.