Sarkada is a true absolute monarchy. While the nobles have power of their own in the fact that they have land and money, the king - or queen - makes all the decisions at the end of the day. To facilitate this, there are many bureaucrats helping scribe the king’s thoughts, or writing laws to make his words take effect. The throne passes via direct succession, father to daughter or so. They make no distinction on gender in terms of succession, as a daughter or a son are both equally as accepted.

The Silver Hold, on the other hand, is a constitutional monarchy. Princess Aida still holds most of the power, but there is a council of twelve that helps her rule. She is also bound to a constitution that limits what she can do on her own, and a lot of it requires the approval of the council of twelve. Nevertheless, she’s still an important figurehead, and most of what she wants or commands passes without an issue.