The Cuali were the ones who lived in the jungle before the Black Horde arrived. They lived centuries ago, creating impressive magical creations, living in harmony with the crystals around them.

Magic permeated every part of their lives, their arts, their work. They were advanced enough to have ample leisure time, with every member of their society being schooled, learned, and having their own hobbies and lives outside of their work. The ziggurats and ritual sites they built were for things to improve their society - water filtering, farm land clearing, things of that nature.

At some point, one of their members turned traitor. Something went wrong with their magic and the crystals they touched changed, darkening from a brilliant blue to the purple and orange one might see today, drained or corrupted or both. This traitor would amass enough power to be the end of the Cuali people. Despite all their wondrous creations, their powerful magic, the first Afflicted - no, the first Corrupted - would be their end.