Player Factions

Player factions are absolutely accepted here at Permia, and we have a way forward for you to get access to certain things. Furthermore, we also absolutely support sub factions within factions. You want to play a good aligned, afflicted sympathizing band of mages? A subfaction in the Silver Hold may be perfect for you! If you don't want to go that route, we still won't stop you from becoming a player faction, and with enough player activity shown, you can earn official discord channels, HUD access to experience points and the faction system within it, and even a faction base and a path to official status! See below for the break points!

5 active players shown for a month: Once you reach this benchmark and tell us the player names, we'll set you up with discord access and tags in the Permia discord server!

10 active players shown for a month (must reach first tier first): Once you reach this benchmark, we'll get you set up in the HUD so you can earn that sweet weekly faction experience, have your faction in the faction spot in your titler, as well as lets your leader give out experience points for members going above and beyond!

15 active players shown for a month (must reach second tier first): Once you reach this, you'll be allowed a faction base via a large rental. The admins will also reach out to you about POSSIBLE officialization. Please note, if you do become official, your build will be free on the build and part of the established lore!

With these steps, player factions can slowly grow and become more established within the sim and have a path forward with clear expectations from both sides! If there's any questions, please feel free to ask any admin about it!

To apply as a player faction, look here!