Academy of Wonders

The Academy, Mages' Guild, Sorcerers' Guild, the Magi

The premier educational and research facility in Permia. They seek to understand the magic in the world around them and cultivate it to invent new and better ways of life for the city of Sarkada. However, their goals cover a darkness within.

Black Horde

The Horde, Furies, Monsters, Devourers

Vicious rebels who chose violence and force as their way. Bringing chaos and fear to the land that shunned them. Be they misunderstood creatures or vile beasts, they keep to their tribe of afflicted, attacking or enslaving those who are misfortune enough to cross them.

Coalition of the Compass

Coalition, Traders, Adventurers

Entrepreneurs out to make money in a strange new land. They hail from all over the world and unite along this traderout to seek adventure, money, and power. Merchant or mercenary, you can belong here.

Court of Flies

Courtiers, The Court of the Queen in Yellow

Sneaks, cheats, gamblers, and grifters, they are the underbelly of the city and are here to take your coin, your secrets, and your resources. It’s all fair game among them and they will bleed you dry and still pick your pocket. Need a loan?

Old Boughs

Druids, The Children of the Leaf

Peaceful people of the mountains who seek to be one with nature. Their way of life has been threatened by the war and the use of the crystals so they have joined the Silver Hold in protecting the land while encouraging others to learn and commune with it.

Houses of Sarkada

City Guards, the Immortals, Pigs

The might of Sarkada and the nobles they serve enforce the strict laws of the city, seeking to abolish the corrupted being, maintain their power and progress, and use the crystals to preserve their way of life.

Silver Hold

The Princess’ Court, The Hold, Rebels, Exiles

Rebels seeking to bring an end to the evil ways of the city and the land, they are accepting of all those in need and extend offerings of kindness and tolerance. They protect their own fiercely and defend those in need with their mighty swords.

Player Factions