The Bath House

Action, Body, Space, Timing and Energy are the 5 fundamentals that a skilled dancer should master. Yet it takes more to move and inspire a persons spiri. The dancer should put their heart and spirit into their very move, treating the very ground they step on as the everflow. Hence, these remarkable spirits can effortlessly stir the hearts of those around them into doing feats of grandeur.

Physical Resistance:
Magical Resistance:
  • Grand Finale - 50 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    Hits twice
    Grand Finale can be used on a friend or an enemy. When used on a friend, it buffs the target and heals based on Charisma, as well as restores stamina and mana based on Charisma. On an enemy, it does the opposite. When used with Heroism, all of these effects are increased. Poised increases the buff or debuff, Flash increases the heal or damage, and Shuffle increases the mana or stamina restored or burned.
    "A Dancer can become a whirling wall of limbs and grace, untouchable in the right circumstances. Even keeping up with them can burn oneself out, or, if they're on your side, send you moving all the faster, all the more determined."
  • Light Cure - 20 stamana
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Heals an average amount of health to a target. Applies Poise to self. If under the effects of Flash, heal more.
    "The bardic tradition owes itself to ancient priestly castes and temple servants, and little illustrates this better than the rudimentary magical cures they are capable of. While no match for a cleric's abilities, a bard knows special rites, chants and songs that mend wounds."
  • Wind Waltz - 10 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Buffs the target with Extend (+3 to all stats) with an additional 1 of each if Poise is currently applied. It also heals scaling off of charisma and an additional 20 HP if Flash is applied. Applies Shuffle.
    "A quick movement forward, a jut to the side, melodic movements hard to keep up with. In the right circumstances, it can inspire and motivate beyond all else."
  • High Kick - 10 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    Single Target
    Deals physical damage attack to the target. With Poise, a small debuff is added (-1 Con, Dex, Chr). With Flash, half of the damage is healed. With Shuffle, fifteen extra damage is added. Applies Flash.
    "Lift your leg to the sky. Or to someone's jaw. Whichever is closer, really."
  • Poise - 10 stamina
    Enhances other skills with additional effects.
    "A dancer always holds themselves with the utmost of poise, graceful, delicate, and deadly."
  • Encourage - 20 stamina
    Restores stamina. If shuffled, extra stamina is restored. If flashed or poised, an additional effect of 20 stamina per turn is added per effect. Can be used at most three times per fight.
    "A dancer, like their bard compatriots, can lift anyone's spirits, even in the darkest of times."
  • Quick Step
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Weak physical damage attack.
    "A quick step forward and a kick to follow."
  • Pirouette - 10 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    1-3 targets
    Deals weak physical damage. With poise, 10 armor piercing damage is added to each target. With flash, a third of the damage is healed. With shuffle, 10 armor piercing damage is added.
    "A beautiful display of everything a dancer has learned, with percent balance."