The Silver Hold’s Lost Lamb tavern

Bards are a diverse and eclectic mix of skills, mixing techniques gathered from the arcane arts, religious traditions, martial technique and expertise and mundane music together into a true martial and mystical art. There are few things more inspiring than a bard fighting alongside you, and few things more aggravating than one as an enemy.

Physical Resistance:
Magical Resistance:
  • Bladesong - 100 mana, 50 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Deals hybrid damage
    "A bard's skills weaving magic into the mundane are perfected in this technique, a hybrid of magic, martial might, dance and song infused into a deadly blow."
  • Heroism - 50 mana
    Scales with Charisma
    1-3 Targets
    Targets up to 3 targets, buffing all stats by +3, healing for 20, restoring 5 stamina and 10 mana, and giving a weak heal over time effect. If all targets are a single target, the spell is empowered, healing 30 hit points, buffing all stats by +5, restores 15 stamina and 25 mana, and giving a weak heal over time.
    "It has been said that battles have been turned by the presence of music, weaving heroic ballads that inspire greater feats of strength and bravery. Weave magic into such a song and the effects can be incredible."
  • Curse Song - 50 mana
    Scales with Charisma
    1-3 Targets
    Curse Song is a multi target spell that debuffs all attributes by 2 and applies a weak damage over time. If all three hits are used on one target, debuff is instead by 3 and the damage over time is powerful.
    "Some believe that bardic music used to harm is just played bad. But it takes incredible skill to play music exactly out of tempo with an enemy's actions, discordant in a manner that causes pain and actual anguish, and weaving lyrics and magic together in a truly poisonous, stinging tune that sticks with the victim for hours."
  • Lethal Tempo - 25 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Dealing medium physical damage and buffing the bard's Charisma by 3.
    "Music and the art of the duel have a great deal in common, they both require proper pacing, timing and skill. The flow of combat, much like the flow of music determines whether one blocks and strikes and when and how fast, whether prestissimo or larghissimo, keeping a tempo is a technique a bard must know."
  • Light Cure - 50 mana
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Heals an average amount of health to a target.
    "The bardic tradition owes itself to ancient priestly castes and temple servants, and little illustrates this better than the rudimentary magical cures they are capable of. While no match for a cleric's abilities, a bard knows special rites, chants and songs that mend wounds."
  • Quick Step - No cost
    Scales with Charisma
    Single target
    Weak physical damage attack.
    "A quick step forward and a kick to follow."
  • Fiery Heart - 50 stamina
    Scales with Charisma
    1-3 targets
    Restores 20 stamina and 30 mana per target. If all three charges are used on one target, 40 and 60 total are restored instead with a small heal added. Fiery Heart is added to the target, which adds five damage onto their attacks. Heal reduced on self.
    "The sound of hoof beats cross the glade, good folk, lock up your son and daughter! Beware the deadly flashing blade, unless you want to end up shorter!"