A cleric is a servant of a god, gods, or maybe just an existential force, they are wielders of divine magic and require great wisdom to understand and maintain their relationship with the divine. The magic they have been granted gives them unparalleled powers of healing and cleansing of ailments.


Bards are a diverse and eclectic mix of skills, mixing techniques gathered from the arcane arts, religious traditions, martial technique and expertise and mundane music together into a true martial and mystical art. There are few things more inspiring than a bard fighting alongside you, and few things more aggravating than one as an enemy.


Druids are a priestly caste that serves nature and understands the world at a primal level. Their skills are diverse, combining the magic offensive, defensive and enhancing effects as well as allowing manipulation of the land itself. For a druid, the world is not a tool to be abused, rather the world itself willingly aids the druid along their path.


An Elementalist channels the elements themselves, the innate building blocks of reality, conjuring, creating or manipulating them. Some detractors consider it more of an insane addiction than a scientific profession, but the Elementalists themselves speak of the intense focus and understanding of their art that is required. Still, even the most devoted of Elementalists admit their desire to push magic farther and harder that burns in their minds and bodies.


An assassin's skills and technique are dedicated to a single, infinitely complicated art: the execution of an enemy. While in some societies an assassin is an innately despised and hated criminal, in Permia they are a respectable military tradition that can be learned in universities as a tool of war, owing to the nomadic history of the peoples of the land and their raiding-wars. More than a mere murderer, assassins are honed weapons.


The nomadic cultures that first settled Permia were typical in many ways, and one of those was a culture of raiding and indirect warfare, stealing livestock and supplies. There is a saying that when a nomad goes out to raid his first target will be a stranger, but if a stranger is not found, he will target his cousin and if he cannot find his cousin he'll raid his own brother. This culture of constant, asymmetrical small-scale warfare bred a tradition of agile, flexible warriors who can adapt to the changing flow of battle, whether defensive, or offensive.


A master of potions and altheticism both. A poisoner has practiced their art over many years, working on their potions in quiet labs, sometimes even testing them on themselves. A poisoner's tools can slowly kill you over years and years of pain, or snuff out their life an in instant. Beware the poisoned blade, and beware all the more the slow acting toxins.


Sometimes, the ones you least expect to get you, are in fact the ones out to stab you in the back. Jovial, teasing, charismatic, all of these describe a rogue. What else does? Thieving, murderous, and conniving. A rogue can never be trusted, no matter how sweet they seem. Be careful, or you might just end up with your purse - or your throat - cut.


The Barbarian is a rage-a-holic, a monster in combat and a juggernaught with each of their steps. For most, beating them down may make them more vulnerable. But for a barbarian? Well, that's when they're most dangerous. Tread carefully here.


Action, Body, Space, Timing and Energy are the 5 fundamentals that a skilled dancer should master. Yet it takes more to move and inspire a persons spiri. The dancer should put their heart and spirit into their very move, treating the very ground they step on as the everflow. Hence, these remarkable spirits can effortlessly stir the hearts of those around them into doing feats of grandeur.


Battlemages are masters of magic and of weaponry both. Few can stand the training to become a mage, and fewer still can hone their body into a finely tuned weapon at the same time. For a battlemage, magic and might are both their tools, and thus, both need to be respected should one find themselves in battle with one.


Hunters are fabled in the ways of the bow, with almost supernatural accuracy on each shot. There are tales of hunters who can shoot an apple off someone's head from a hundred paces, but that's just the beginning of what they can do.


Daggerspells mix magic and quick, decisive strikes. With a combination of magic and blade both, one can find their way past nearly any armor and strike hard and fast against any target. A daggerspell can debilitate their opponents and strike true all at the same time.


Paladins are warriors of the light, skilled in both the blade and their holy powers. With the ability to heal and support their allies as well as deal damage with their own offensive prowess, a paladin is a unique and varied force to be reckoned with on the battle field.


As the name implies, Hemomancers control blood. Yours, theirs, and everyone's in between. They can be world reknowned healers, taking care of all who come for them. Or they can become monsters, poisoned by the very blood they steal. It's best to find out sooner rather than later which kind you're dealing with.


Necromancers are dark beings, forged in their pacts with demons and eldritch gods alike. With the unique power to raise the dead, a necromancer can summon pests from the beyond to aid themselves in combat, with each type being unique and providing their own bonuses.


Warlocks are agents of a darker power. Between eldritch monstrosities, dark gods, or simply demons, a warlock can draw their power from many different sources.


Sorcerors are masters of magic and charismatic fellows both. With their wide array of spells, they have the ability to be prepared for any situation.<br />((OOC NOTE: You choose 6 of these spells with a weekly reset.))