The corrupted are a subgroup of the afflicted. These are the less fortunate souls, the ones expelled from the city for good.

Some of them exhibit simple mutations. Extra fingers. An extra tail. Eyes that look the wrong way. These are the ones who are affected most by their exile, torn from their families and ripped away from everything that they held dear. The majority of these and their sympathizers live in the caves beneath the Princess Aida’s mountain hold, propped up by food and supplies from them and the Commune of the Gods.

Among these are those such as merfolk, and avians that previously didn’t have wings, being from mythology that were neither evil nor good in the end. A mostly peaceful life on their own lies in wait for these folk, though every so often they’re roused to battle just as any other.

The other side of the Corrupted coin has it so much worse. These were the ones transformed into beasts, into monsters. Werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters and flesh eaters, all fall under this umbrella. Eldritch abominations galore, freakish things that the normal populace can’t stand to look like, every single one of them is driven out of the city.

They rest now inside of a forest camp, amongst ruins, an outsider leading them and planning their next move…

  • Mutant
    -1 Con

    Your appearance has changed, perhaps irrevocably. You may be able to hide it, or your change may have gone past what you can deal with.

    Mud Fling - 20 stamina, 40 mana
    Scales with Strength
    Deals 40 damage and reduces the target's stats by -3.
  • Skintaker
    -1 Con

    Your appearance may have changed, but worst of all, you have a hunger, a hunger for flesh, one that can't be sated no matter how hard you try.

    Devour - 20 stamina, 40 mana
    Scales with Strength or Dexterity (higher of the two)
    Medium damage attack with a small heal based on damage dealt
  • Voidsent
    -1 Con

    The Crystals let you see something you shouldn't have, something maddening, something wrong. It's increased your capacity to understand the world, but those around you can't comprehend your ramblings.

    Future Sight - 20 stamina, 40 mana
    Gain +3 in all stats and heal 40 hp
  • Damned
    -1 Con

    The crystals have warped your mind and damned you in the eyes of the state. Yet. your words are strangely hypnotic, able to lure poor, unsuspecting victims to your will.

    Seduce - 20 mana
    Deals 20 damage and buffs the user with Seduce (+15 to all checks)