The Blessed

The Blessed as the other side of the Corrupted. Instead of gaining attributes worthy of scorn, they instead have been given things worth worship, in the city’s mind at least. Images of angel wings and halos abound, of blessed beings meting out affection and love wherever they go.

The simple idea of an Angel isn’t the only one to be Blessed. Nature spirits from the sands and the forests now seemingly walk through the city, avatars of the gods and beatific individuals that one can hardly begin to appreciate. They may be enigmatic at times, but that doesn’t stop them from being near universally loved by all. There are even water spirits that show up, bringing enough for all to drink when normally it’s rationed and controlled.

As a whole, these sorts are kind and charitable, sweet and willing to help keep things peaceful. They are welcome in Sarkada without question, and may go wherever they please - though the Horde may eye them with suspicion at first.

  • Hallowed
    -1 Con

    You have been blessed with angelic features, to the point where some consider you a living saint.

    Invigorate - 30 mana, 15 stamina
    Scales with Wisdom or Intelligence (higher of the two)
    Buff a target with +1 to con and medium heal
  • Oracle
    -1 Con

    Your mind has been expanded by the gods themselves! Told fortuitous portends of the future, many seek you to tell their future.

    Future Sight - 20 stamina, 40 mana
    Gain +3 in all stats and heal 40 hp
  • God's Blessed
    -1 Con

    The gods have blessed your body! With Strength and Dexterity of no other!

    Overpower - 20 stamina, 40 mana
    Scales with Strength
    Deals 40 damage and debuffs enemy stats by -3
  • Ascended
    -1 Con

    You have already begun your ascension to the next realm, and as such as starting to lose your grip on others.

    Ascended Form - 30 stamina, 60 mana
    Gain +10 defenses and +3 to all stats